World Series of 'Tubing

May 10 2009

World Series of 'Tubing at the Museum of the Moving Image from Jeff Crouse on Vimeo.

Art Fag City critic and series participant Paddy Johnson calls it, "The most challenging IRL Internet competition of the decade."

"Blurring distinctions between performer, audience, and participant, this work exposes and makes fun of network culture." - Brian McCormick on "World Series of 'Tubing"

The World Series of ‘Tubing is a conceptual augmented reality game played in front of a live audience, combining the intensity of a high-stakes poker tournament with the world of sensational online video. The competition consists of two players trying to out-do each other by presenting a series of YouTube videos (rendered as an augmented reality layer on top of a real card) to an audience in a series of fast-paced rounds. The competitors can manipulate the playback of the video in a number of ways by tilting or gesturing with their card. The crowd decides which video/card wins by shooting a target on stage with a laser, and the process repeats until a player wins three rounds. During the game, commentators provide a running commentary on the game much like during a football or World Series of Poker game.

The World Series of ‘Tubing brings televised competitive sport and game show aesthetics into the realm of participatory theater, complete with live commentators and stellar motion graphics. The everyday action of "favoriting" online media is expanded into a participatory game show. By blurring the distinctions between performer, audience, and participant, it work builds upon the inherent qualities of shared culture as it exists online.

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