Riddle Wall

June 18 2014

Riddle Wall is an interactive installation for the University of Dayton, created with Flightphase and 160over90.

A photographic mosaic that fills the wall is made up of a mixture of images from University of Dayton and beyond, and user generated images. Everyone can contribute an image and a sentiment to the wall by tagging their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts with a hashtag #visitUD.

When someone steps in front of the wall, it begins to tell a story. The story is told through a riddle. Viewer interaction reveals a sequence of words which ends in a blank. There’s a pattern to the sequence suggesting what might be the word that completes it. However, when the solution is finally revealed, it is always a surprise, a twist on what’s expected. A short text about an aspect of the University ties the solution to the rest of the sequence and tells the viewer a bit of interesting information about the University.


  • Agency: 160over90
  • Creative Direction: Cory McCall
  • Director of Production: Brian Tennyson