IBM Play Machine

November 26 2014

To promote IBMs Tumblr blog,, Odd Division, with the help of Ranjit Bhatnagar created a series of Internet-connected machines that responded to Tumblr actions such as likes, reblogs, and follows. Strange and playful, the machines included a mad-scientist-esque custom popcorn popper, a machine that slowly chopped down its own supports, a globe attached to motors and a laser that pointed to where the website visitor was from, and plenty of other fun, blinkey, mechanical goodies.

Behold the IBMblr Play Machine – the spirit of innovation, playfully captured in a collection of nuts, bolts, gears, popcorn, laser beams, Arduinos, IBM Cloud software and more. All designed for you to play with. No really. See what happens when you do: Like or Reblog. Follow or Share. Or tweet the magic hashtag, #PlayMachine and watch it get busy. We’re STREAMING LIVE, so you can see it all happen, as it happens, on your computer or tablet.

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