Magnum Map

May 10 2012


Are you a “big man” who needs “big protection”? Do you want an app that not only tells you where to find the product you need, but lets everyone around you know that you are looking?

Let us paint a picture for you: You’re sitting in a bar. You’re eyeing a hottie a few seats down, but she’s not biting. If she only knew what kind of heat you are packing, she’d be all over it. But how do you let her know? You’re a classy guy, so it’s gotta be subtle. You want to tell her that: a) I’m a responsible lover, and b) I’m more man than you can handle.

Crank up your volume and launch Magnum Map. With a tap of a finger, the tell-tale music plays from your speakers, culminating in a manly exclamation to the world: Magnum Map! The software quickly locates you all nearby stores that cater to men of your stature, plotting it all on an interactive map. Suddenly, the situation is sorted. Click one of the icons to see the store name and address. Click again to get directions from your current location.

Is she looking at you now? Yeah, I thought so.