July 30 2010

Rhizome | JUST ANOTHER WORDPRESS SITE!!!! (2010) - Jacob Ciocci and Jeff Crouse

Light & Wire Gallery | Project Page

Curated by Becky Koblick for Light and Wire Gallery

JULY 24 - SEPTEMBER 4, 2010In this project Ciocci and Crouse have redesigned Light and Wire Gallery's characteristic website so that every time you visit a new page, a different layout or WordPress Theme is loaded behind the gallery's usual content. Crouse's code randomly loads 1 of 20 different Themes, while Ciocci has visually modified each one. Fundamentally, the WordPress theme system is a way to "skin" one's website. Not only does this determine the look of the site but the WordPress themes can provide control over the presentation of the material on a website. As one clicks through each theme, this generic design platform that largely informs the aesthetics of the web is revealed for its amateur quality.