January 14 2009

Godblock is a fake product that I would like to shopdrop into stores throughout the Bible belt. The purpose of this project is to start conversation about religious indoctrination. I acknowledge that it most likely will not change anyone's mind, but pretending that it is not a problem isn't going to change anyone's mind either.
When installed properly, GodBlock will test each page that your child visits before it is loaded, looking for passages from holy texts, names of religious figures, and other signs of religious propaganda. If none are found, then your child is allowed to browse freely.  But if religious content is found, your child receives a page that states simply:

Blocked for religious content.


"Please refrain from devoting your life to imaginary supernatural beings until you are at least 18 years old." No filter is perfect, and false positives are an unfortunate reality.  But isn't it better to be safe than sorry?  Make the world a better place.  Protect your impressionable kids and students from harmful ideas so that they don't grow up to spread hate, fear, and shame.  Allow them to hold onto their natural reason, compassion, and acceptance without being polluted or destroyed by some self-serving or delusional fanatic. Install GodBlock today!

And it's Sophie approved!