Dayton Cubes

July 22 2011

Installation made with Hush Studios and Flightphase for the University of Dayton admissions office. When I enter the building, it is in "idle mode", where there is some animated typography of some questions. When I enter the interaction area, a 87x26 field of cubes starts moving, rotating, and scaling in waves, and some cubes directly in front of me congeal into a surface and a video of student life starts playing. At one point, you can see the Kinect cameras installed in the ceiling.

For more information, please see the documentation on the Flightphase site.


  • 1 32'x12' wall
  • 3 Panasonic PT-D6000ULS projectors
  • 4 kinect cameras
  • 2 mac minis (2 kinects each)
  • TSPS "people tracking" software (modified to use 2 kinects)
  • 1 Mac Pro tower
  • custom openFrameworks software