Anywhere But Here

February 23 2008

Which party should you go to tonight? Probably the one with that photographer from Last Night’s Party, one of the many party photography sites that have become popular in the last few years. With a little luck, you might end up on the front page, posing like a rock star, or at least a really cool roadie. Quietly add the link to these precious stills on your MySpace profile so that everyone knows that, without a doubt, you were at the right party, with the right people, getting really fucked up and having an amazing time.

But if you can’t get on the guest list, why not just fake it? This is the goal of Anywhere But HERE! As a standalone installation or in the context of a larger party, participants wait on line behind a velvet rope and a bouncer to enter the staging area, where they are costumed, coached, and then put on stage. Once on stage, our special FauxScreen™ technology inserts you into a scene of a dirty Lower East Side bathroom, a rowdy frat house, or a decadent Ibiza beachfront. You can check out the full catalog of scenes here. Our professional photographer coaxes and directs you into the perfect hipster, clubber, or frat boy party poses, and snap snap, you’ve got all the proof that you need that you’re just as hip as anyone on Last Night’s Party.

Move over to our post-processing kiosk and immediately post these photos to Friendster, Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket with just a few clicks, telling everyone what an amazing time you are having.