Favorite Things 01

January 29 2015

At the end of a short talk with some students last week, the teacher prompted her students to ask me some questions. After an awkward pause, one of them asked me who my current favorite artists were. I was surprised to be taken completely off guard by this run-of-the-mill forced question. People don’t usually ask me this, so I don’t keep a running list or even think about it in a focused way. Later on, I did think about it, and the list that I came up with had very little to do with the list that I spat at the students. It was a helpful (and fun) exercise, so I think I’ll keep doing it.

Jonathan Monaghan

I really dig the “found object” 3d animation in Monaghan’s pieces.

Excerpt from "Mothership", Jonathan Monaghan from Jonathan Monaghan on Vimeo.


This clothing commercial right out of Black Mirror

Expanse Series on Syfy

I read all of the books in this series so far, and am super excited to see what Syfy does with it.

Kentucky Route Zero

I finally got around to playing this game that people were raving about like 2 years ago. TBH it’s a bit of a struggle to get into the headspace to appreciate the slow pace, but when I do, it’s a pretty engaging and immersive game. Stylistic greatness.


This has been the soundtrack to my life over the past few weeks.

Superego, Season 4, Episode 3

This one is also a bit old, but I’m playing catch-up here. Be sure to check out the very first sketch with H.R. Geiger.